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9/23/05 AR: Open Water Swimming at Walden Regina O'Toole
09/08/05 AR: Triathlon by the Numbers Jeff Aronis
08/31/05 RR: Ironman USA - LP Maddie Shaw-Moran& Rip Reeves
08/16/05 RR: Vineman Ironman Joe Wesolaski
08/08/05 RR: Ironman USA - LP Roma Kuznir
08/03/05 RR: Ironman USA - LP Christopher Cavellerano
07/12/05 RR: Ironman Germany Brian Quigley
07/04/04 RR: Ironman Wisconsin Janice Biederman
07/03/004 RR: ITU World LC Championships Rachel Sacks
05/21/04 RR: Boston Marathon Sean Luitjens

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