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October, 2007

Shaun Brady, Rachel Saks and Jeff Aronis are featured in this MTV reality show as a high school class clown achieves his dream of becoming a triathlete.

July, 2007

A Boston River Now (Mostly) Fit for Swimming
Katie O'Dair is quoted in this article about the first official Charles River Swim Race.

"A lot of my friends thought I was crazy for doing this,” said Katie O’Dair, 40, an associate dean at Boston College. "But I feel confident that the water is clean. I hope it’s the first of many swims here.”

July, 2007

Muscle Beach
Jeff Aronis, Rachel Saks, Marissa Solomon, and Laurie Damianos share their thoughts on Walden Pond, triathlon, and the sport's growth in the area.
June, 2006

Juli Jones-Davenport was featured in Inside Triathlon magazine, highlighting her ability to balance her life, career and training.
"Usually, the only running that goes on in a Harvard endocrinology lab is the kind done by small white mice on plastic wheels. So when researcher Juli Jones began running along Boston's Charles River, the triathlete received more than one pair of raised eyebrows from her white-coat colleagues."

September, 2005

Swim for Life - Rachel Saks
Rachel Saks was interviewed by the Provincetown Banner following the Provincetown Swim for Life.

"I swallowed a little bit of the bay today,” said Rachel Saks, another first-time participant. Saks, who was the second woman to finish, is a member of the Boston Triathlon Team and regularly swims off the North Shore. She found Provincetown Harbor held its own particular charm. “You can see the rays of sun coming through the water. It was very nice,” she said. “This is an awesome event,” she added, with a nod to the countless volunteers on the beach who cheered, provided refreshments and assisted swimmers as they came out of the water.

July, 2005

Running to Relax
Boston Triathlon Team member Matt Bergin is highlighted by Boston's Channel 5 News on his marathon vacation to Antarctica in this video clip.
May, 2005
Quigley completes marathon - twice
By Brad Kelly/ Cambridge Chronicle
Thursday, May 5, 2005
As if running the marathon weren't enough of a physical challenge, one Cambridge resident decided to double the mileage. Brian Quigley, a Central Square resident, not only ran the marathon in four hours and five minutes, but he also biked the course, from the finish line to the starting line, before the race. "Over a couple of Guinnesses, I decided to try this. I wanted to do something a bit different than just the usual run," Quigley said. As if 26.2 miles is not difficult enough, Quigley and a friend, Matt Bergin, succeeded in their 52.4-mile excursion. Both men were running the marathon for charity - Brigham and Women's community charity and Dana-Farber, respectively. Quigley's efforts raised $3,100 for the Brigham and Women's community charity. The charity sponsors women and children in need with programs such as student mentoring and help for victims of domestic abuse. Quigley, his second time running the Boston Marathon for Brigham and Women Hospital, is part of the Boston Triathlon Team. This sparked interest in riding the 26.2 miles to the starting line on an 18-speed road bike. "Generally in a triathlon, 26 miles is not an epic ride, but we went a little too fast, making the run difficult," Quigley said. To most people Quigley's running time was excellent, but he wants to do better next year. "Heartbreak Hill just killed me; maybe the 90-minute bike ride hurt my marathon time, but I would do it again," he said. When he hit Heartbreak, Quigley started to question his bicycle pace. At that point, he said, "The wheels completely came off." Heartbreak Hill and the heat hurt him enough that he ended walking/running the last four miles. "While I am somewhat disappointed in my time, I could not be happier with the end result, which is that my efforts will make a real difference in people's lives," he said. And, Quigley plans to do it all again next year. "The support of my family, friends, Team Brigham, the cheering crowd and most of all, the cause, makes it all worthwhile," Quigley said.
February, 2005

Going nowhere fast, they move in a pack.
Boston Triathlon Team members Laurie Damianos, Josh Fisher, and Ali Winslow are highlighted along with our primary sponsor International Bicycle Center in the Boston Globe. When it is cold and icy outdoors, BTT members can be found furiously pedaling away indoors to the beat of their favorite music. Meeting at IBC to ride with fellow teammates and friends, these trainer nights are key to keeping up fitness through Boston's harsh winters. ''I don't do it at home; it's hard to motivate myself without my teammates and my friends around," says Laurie Damianos, 41, a triathlete and one of several members of the Boston Triathlon Team in attendance. ''I have five really close friends here tonight, and I keep getting them to come every year." ''As adult athletes, you connect with people," agrees teammate Josh Fisher, 25. ''We're not in college anymore, so other than people we know at work, this is one of the best ways to meet people." (Pictured Left: Member Brian Quigley)
January, 2005
USA Triathlon All Americans
The Boston Triathlon Team is proud to announce that three team members finished the 2004 triathlon season ranked as USA Triathlon All Americans. This highly prestigious honor is presented to athletes who rank in the top 5% of their age group for the season. The 2004 Boston Triathlon Team All Americans are: Bill Reeves, Juli Jones and Pat Dwyer. Amanda Pearson and David Altreuter finished the season as an Honorable Mention All American.
October, 2004
Married To It
Boston Triathlon Team members Jen Scalise and Dave Marinofsky are interviewed by MetroSports Boston when the magazine takes a look at couples, and how they handle the often intense training schedules of their partners. For former professional hockey player David Marinofsky of Framingham, finding someone active wasn't necessarily a top priority after he traded in his skates for golf clubs 10 years ago. But encouraging his fiancée and Boston Triathlon Team teammate Jen Scalise can sometimes be an all-day activity, from sprint-distance to half-Ironman-distance triathlons. "I cheer her on, and I think it’s good for her. And it’s starting to be good for me," says Marinofsky, explaining that he's taken up triathlon because of Scalise. "I really can’t keep up with her on the bike. Or the run. Or the swim." Still, he was able to complete the half-Ironman division of the Timberman, his first of that distance after completing a half-dozen sprints.
August, 2004
Monster's Ball
MetroSports August issue features a story on the Monster Challenge, a spring and Olympic distance triathlon held on the mean streets of Boston. What’s it like to take on the Monster as an amateur and as an elite? Flo Chretien of Wayland knows. A member of and athletic coordinator for the Boston Triathlon Team, she raced the first Monster as an age-grouper in 2001, then moved up to the elite field in 2002 and 2003. Now 30 years old, Chretien balances her time while working as a part-time swim coach, raising a 6-year-old son and a dozen-race schedule which she hopes will lead her to the Olympic Trials in 2008. "I find it truly amazing to be able to bike through the city, with people looking at us like, "Are they crazy? Why are the roads shut down?" Just to be biking through the North End and through part of Charlestown to get up to Memorial Drive is just amazing, and then running through the city and through South Boston is pretty cool."
January, 2004
USA Triathlon All Americans
The Boston Triathlon Team is proud to announce that four team members finished the 2003 triathlon season ranked as USA Triathlon All Americans. This highly prestigious honor is presented to athletes who rank in the top 5% of their age group for the season. The 2004 Boston Triathlon Team All Americans are: Bill Reeves, Elaine DeBitetto, Sarah Keller and Juli Jones. David Altreuter and Pat Dwyer finished the season as an Honorable Mention All American. In addition, Jay Marschall finished the 2003 season as an All American in duathlon rankings.
August, 2003
Boston Triathletes Revisit Stomping Grounds
The spotlight was on Boston Triathlete Team members Colleen Flanigan and Jim Bartling when they returned to their collegiate homes and competed in the Greater Burlington Triathlon (Vermont) on August 17, 2003. Being on home turf worked well for both Flanigan and Bartling who placed 2nd and 3rd in their respective age groups.
July, 2003
Top Triathlete
High school math teacher and Boston Triathlete Team member Bill Reeves taught everyone a lesson when he took first place at the Greater Lowell Family YMCA Triathlon in July. Despite it being Reeves' first time competing at this venue, he ran into few problems and finished over four minutes in front of the second place winner. Reeves completed the 1.5K swim, 40K bike, and 10K run in a time of 1:57.08.
January, 2003
USA Triathlon All Americans
The Boston Triathlon Team is proud to announce that five team members finished the 2002 triathlon season ranked as USA Triathlon All Americans. This highly prestigious honor is presented to athletes who rank in the top 5% of their age group for the season. The 2002 Boston Triathlon Team All Americans are: David Altreuter, Pat Dwyer, Jay Marschall, Bill Reeves and Rob Sczupak. Mary Beth Cadwell, Elaine DeBitetto, Annie Fisher, Sarah Keller also finished the season as an Honorable Mention All American. Sarah Keller also finished the 2002 season 2nd in the USA Duathlon rankings for her age group.
December, 2002
So You Want To Be A Pro?
Boston Triathlon Team member Flo Chretien was interviewed in TransitionTimes.com about her move from top age grouper to professional triathlete. A great Q&A that covers everything from height and age to best race and favorite energy gel! Chretien also shares memories of her first open water swim and the challenge of tackling "The Beast" in St. Croix.
September, 2002
2002 Grand Prix Champions
The Boston Triathlon Team has again won the F.I.R.M. Grand Prix Races Series for the 2002 season! This makes the fifth year in a row that BTT has won the Grand Prix Championship, a triathlon race series managed by Fiske Independent Race Management (F.I.R.M.). 84 team members participated either by racing, forming relays or volunteering throughout the year. In the process, seven team members earned first place in their age group by scoring the most points in the series over the course of the 9 different races throughout New England. Age group champions include: Janice Biederman (F50-54), Mary Beth Cadwell (F30-34), Nancy DeRoma (F45-49), Beth Edwards (Athena), Jay Ladieu (M25-29), Enrique Sanchez (Clydesdale), Madeline Shaw-Moran (F40-44).
September, 2002
Monster Mentoring
In 2002, the Boston Triathlon Team started a new program called "Monster Mentoring". It was a way that the team could support and foster new growth in the sport of triathlon by guiding new triathletes and helping them to train for the summer and accomplish one goal: finish the 2nd Annual Monster Challenge Triathlon. Led by long-time team member Gregg Tucci, the program's success was developed from the idea that all triathletes can help one another achieve their goals.
January, 2002
USA Triathlon All Americans
The Boston Triathlon Team is proud to announce that four team members finished the 2001 triathlon season ranked as USA Triathlon All Americans. This highly prestigious honor is presented to athletes who rank in the top 5% of their age group for the season. The 2001 Boston Triathlon Team All Americans are: Mary Beth Cadwell , Nancy DeRoma, Ulandt Kim and Bill Reeves. Martin Paier also finished the season as an Honorable Mention All American.
January, 2002
US Masters Swimming All Americans
The Boston Triathlon Team is proud to announce that three team members finished the 2001 SCM season with Top Ten Times in the country. Pete Cadwell, Ethan Saulnier and Steve Upson combined for national Top Ten Times in eight different events.
November, 2001
Team Announces New Name!
To start off the new year, the Team has changed its name to Boston Triathlon Team, from Wheelworks Triathlon Team. Even though the team is keeping the same members and successful format, a new identity will help to increase the team's presence in New England as well as the rest of the country!
July, 2002
Lake Placid Ironman
The 2002 Ironman USA was a tremendous success for the Boston Triathlon Team with 17 members competing - including nine first-timers! Shown in The Adirondack Daily Enterprise is David Javaheri (1999 BTT Rookie of the Year) during the swim. Ironman Lake Placid was one of eight Ironman distances races that team members competed in. From those races, three team members qualified for the Ironman World Championships held in Kona, Hawaii in October 2002.
December, 2001
Notable Members
Martin Paier gained notable recognition in 2001 locally as well as nationally by excelling many different types of races. The following is a short list of his recent accomplishments as a Boston Triathlon Team member: Honored as the 2000 USAT Clydesdale National Champion, St. Joseph. MO; 2000 New England Triathlon Tour (TimeOut! Series) age group Champion (M30-34); Winner, Clydesdale Division at 2001 USACFRF Marathon Championships in Austin, TX; 2001 New England Triathlon Tour (TimeOut! Series) age group Champion (M30-34), repeating his championship from 2000; 2001 USAT Clydesdale National Champion, USAT National Championships in Coeur D'Alene, ID; Clydesdale Ironman world record holder by 38 minutes, first clydesdale under 10 hours; Winner, Clydesdale Championship at the inaugural New York City Triathlon, August, 2001; 1st Runner Up, Clydesdale Division at 2001 LA Triathlon Championships; 2002 Ironman Championships Qualifier.
November, 2001
Top Triathletes
"Cambridge residents Alex Galbraith and Mark Walsh-Cooke are both top performers in a close-knit community of athletes in Cambridge and beyond who pursue their sport in virtual anonymity - triathletes. Along with about 10 other Cambridge residents, Galbraith and Walsh-Cooke are members of the Boston Triathlon Team who have taken top honors in a New England triathlon race series, four years running. Both received top honors by posting the best overall records in the 10 races conducted throughout New England by the F.I.R.M. Grand Prix Race Series. 'You meet so many different people in this sport from all different backgrounds, all united by the same drive to better themselves,' Galbraith said. 'For me, it's really about the thrill of pushing myself, doing something nobody else does.'"
November, 2001
Belmont Triathlete
For the second year in a row, Farnham St. resident Janice Biederman won her category in the F.I.R.M. New England Grand Prix Triathlon series. "It's a fun, fun thing to do," she said. Being a racer is "motivation to push yourself." Biederman competes on the Boston Triathlon Team, which won the team title in the league this year for the fourth year in a row. "When you go to a race, we all have the same uniform on, and you cheer each other on."
September, 2001
2001 Grand Prix Champions
The Boston Triathlon Team has won the F.I.R.M. Grand Prix Race Series for the 2001 season! This marks the fourth year in a row that BTT has won this honor. 80 team members raced and scored points for BTT in the Series in 2001. In the process, eight individuals took first place in their respective age groups. Age group champions include: Anna Adachi (Athena), Janice Biederman (50 - 54), Mary Beth Cadwell (30 - 34), Flo Chretien (25 - 29), Alex Galbraith (20 - 24), Martin Paier (30 - 34), Rip Reeves (Clydesdale), Mark Walsh-Cooke (35 - 39).
September, 2001
Monster Triathletes
Boston Triathlon Team fielded about 30 team members to compete and volunteer in the first ever Monster Challenge Triathlon in Boston on September 2nd, 2001. Monster.com teamed with the Boston AIDS Action Committee for Boston's first "city triathlon". Great performances were had by all and team members showed their support by managing our own "BTT Aid Station" which made the day a great event! Read the Boston Globe ARTICLE about Pete Cadwell's relay team, featuring a former olympian and future olympic hopeful at the Monster Challenge Triathlon.
July, 2001
Lake Placid Ironman
On July 29th, 2001, the Boston Triathlon Team sent 15 competitors to Lake Placid, NY for the 3rd annual Ironman USA. Along with five first timers, the team had seven other members finish with personal best times and two members (Ulandt Kim and Bill Reeves) qualify for the Ironman World Championships held in Kona, Hawaii in October 2001. Adam Osekoski is pictured at left in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, as he makes his way out onto the bike course. He finished his first Ironman in 11:41:46. Mary Beth Cadwell was our top female finisher, in 20th place overall, with a time of 11:01:10. Read an ARTICLE printed in the Daily Messenger about team member Dan Fitzgerald and another ARTICLE about the difficulty of qualifying for Kona (the World Championships) mentioning team member Bill Reeves.
June, 2001
On The Cover
Boston Triathlon Team member Jeff Aronis exits the swim at the 2001 Blackwater Eagleman and makes the cover of Inside Triathlon magazine! He finished this half-ironman distance race in a strong position with a time of 4:49:42. Boston Triathlon Team sent a total of 21 team members to compete in Maryland with three members finishing in the Top 25 of their age group in this prestigious Hawaii Ironman Qualifier.
June, 2001
"I Am Ironman"
Heath Huffman (left) is featured in an article in the Andover Townsman from June, 2001. "When Huffman returned to the sport after getting married, having a child and moving to Andover, rather than train for the 'same old' Olympic distance triathlons, he set his sights on the Ironman, and on August 12th of last year, he finished the Vineman Triathlon in Santa Rosa, CA in 11 hours and 40 minutes. As if completing his first Ironman wasn't enough by itself, his time - eigth in his age group and 20th overall - qualified him to participate in the Long Distance World Championship Ironman in Fredericia, Denmark, on August 5, 2001, with about 1,000 other athletes from 45 countries. 'After 10 years of holding other people responsible for my failures, I decided, it's time for me to stop blaming others. It's time to hold myself accountable and find out what I can do. It's about testing myself.' So what's the moral of this story? 'If you find yourself a high school dropout in a two-bedroom apartment in Brighton surrounded by alcoholics, don't label yourself a high school dropout. Don't pigeonhole yourself because of things that happened in your past. Because 99 percent of the time, you can change them.'"
October, 2000
The "Last" Finisher
Larry Guerin competed in the Hawaii Ironman World Championships in October, 2000 after being selected to compete via the Ironman Lottery. He had a tough race, but he finished! (note: Larry had about 1 minute to spare before the midnight cutoff). He was featured on the NBC television program and later on the Ironmanlive.com commercials. Team members Chad Connor and Karen Harnett also competed and finished well in their Hawaii Ironman debuts.
October, 2000
Charitable Endeavors
Many Boston Triathlon Team members take part in the Swim Across America, a 22 mile swim for the Dana Farber charities. Pete Cadwell (left in The Improper Bostonian), Steve Upson, Evan Israelson, Mike Schiano, Jackie Blatt, Karen Ghiron, Suzie Reeves and Rip Reeves are just some of the team members who contribute and participate in charity events each year. The Team proudly supports other charitable events such as the Pan Mass Challenge, the AIDS Ride, the Monster Challenge Triathlon, the Dana Farber Marathon Challenge, Project Bread, Best Buddies Hyannisport Challenge Bike Ride, "Team In Training" and Swim Against the Tide.
September, 2000
2000 Grand Prix Champions
The year 2000 was another great year for the team. Winning the F.I.R.M. Grand Prix Race Series for a third time in a row and producing eight age group champions was an incredible cap to the season. The team also won the team point totals in 8 of the 11 races in Ludlow, Ashland, Worcester, Marlboro, Holliston, Plymouth, Kennebunk, ME and Hopkington. 70 team members raced and scored points in the Series in 2000. Age group champions include: Janice Biederman (F50-54), Britt Greineder (F25–29), Drew Gronewold (M25–29), Bill Nuzzo (M50–54), Rip Reeves (Clydesdale), Daryl Smith (Athena), Sue Sotir (F30–34), Mark Walsh-Cooke (M35-39), Joyce Yi (F20-24).
August, 2000

Triathlon Team Training
The Improper Bostonian published a great story about Boston area triathletes, the Team and their "training habits". Boston Triathlon Team had three team members featured in the article, including Karen Harnett, pictured at left on the cover. Drew Gronewold, pictured below, was interviewed to show what the typical triathlete goes through to train for races, considering that most amateur athletes still hold full-time jobs and do not compete professionally.
September, 1999
1999 Grand Prix Champions
In 1999, the team was victorious in the F.I.R.M. Grand Prix Race Series for the second year in a row. Four team members earned first place in their age group. 70 team members raced and scored points in the Series in 1999. Age group champions include: Flo Chretien (F25–29), Ulandt Kim (M30-34), Rip Reeves (Clydesdale), Garth Shaneyfelt (M25-29).
July, 1999
Notable Members
Team member Kimberly Myers (at left) completed the 1999 Lake Placid Ironman and is lucky enough to be selected to appear on the official Lake Placid 2000 race poster. The team had 22 team members competing at the inaugural Lake Placid race in 1999, where Mike Ingardia took 2nd place out of the swim and Mary Beth Welch finished third in her age group and qualified for the Ironman World Championships held in Kona, Hawaii in October 1999.
September, 1998
1998 Grand Prix Champions
1998 was the first year in which the team won the F.I.R.M. Grand Prix Championship, a triathlon race series managed by Fiske Independent Race Management (F.I.R.M.). Eight team members earned first place in their age group. 65 team members raced and scored points in the Series in 1998. Age group champions include: Trish Bankowski (F20–24), Forrest Briscoe (M20–24), Britt Greineder (F25–29), Jen Hagmann (Athena), Mike Ingardia (M25-29), Bill Nuzzo (M50–54), Steve Reed (Clydesdale), Mary Beth Welch (F25–29).
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